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 [Shepherds] Marth, Tactician (Example)

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PostSubject: [Shepherds] Marth, Tactician (Example)   Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:31 pm

Name: Marth
Class: Tactician
Age: 13 going on 14
Gender: Male
Desired Faction: Shepherds
Weapon of Choice: Tome


Appearance: Marth is rather small for his age, with short stature and a childish build. He has dark blue hair and narrow eyes, which when combined with his youthful appearance make him look like he's in a perpetual pout. He is never seen without his white scarf, which was a gift from his mother.

Marth's brand is located on the back of his neck, and as a result is often covered by his hair and/or scarf.

Backstory: Marth had a fairly uneventful childhood. He was named after the old Hero-King of legend, but seems to have little to no desire to follow in his footsteps. He often snuck out of the castle to wander around Ylisstol and interact with random civilians, where he was well-liked.

When he was nine, his father was severely injured in combat, making him unfit to rule as Exalt. His older sister, Ophelia, stepped up and took over.

Three years passed uneventfully, until he decided to enlist in the Shepherds at age 12. He was initially turned down due to his age and status as Prince. One hard year of almost purely training, he applied once more, and was accepted on the condition that he would stay off the front lines.

Not long afterwards, his strategic talent was realized, and was unofficially promoted to the rank of Tactician.

Personality: Marth is very easy-going and laid back, preferring to experiment with new ideas, theories, and even jokes rather than actually complete paperwork. He seems to be in a constantly good mood, and is fond of music. Supposedly a very good tactician.

Other Information: While he can wield Falchion, he prefers to use magic instead due to his diminutive stature. Marth is the proud player of several instruments, but his singing voice leaves much to be desired.
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PostSubject: Re: [Shepherds] Marth, Tactician (Example)   Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:39 pm

Application Accepted.


(level one)
HP: 15
Strength: 3
Magic: 3
Skill: 4
Speed: 4
Luck: 0
Defense: 4
Resistance: 4

+4 Bonus Points to allocate as you see fit. Remember that you cannot put more than one point on the same stat.

Inventory: Falchion, Fire, Vulnerary (3)
Weapon Proficiency:
-Swords: E
-Tomes: E

Once you're finished, put the information up on your signature and you're good to go.
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[Shepherds] Marth, Tactician (Example)
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