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FE: Exalted is one of the most in-depth Fire Emblem RPs online. Complete with a unique combat system and numerous joinable factions, feel free to explore!
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 Update 0.0.1

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PostSubject: Update 0.0.1   Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:06 pm

+More Weapons
+Subforums (Castle of the Exalt, Mess Hall, Training Grounds, Hospital)
+Graphics that don't suck, but only by the barest definition of the word


What to Expect:
+Even More Weapons
+More Merchandise
+Combat System
+RP section being unlocked once weapons are finished

(level 10)
HP: 60, STR: 10, MAG: 26, SKL: 23, SPD: 22, LCK: 25, DEF: 11, RES: 20

Arcwind, Heal, Vulnerary (3)
Weapon Proficiency: Tomes [A], Staves [A]
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Update 0.0.1
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