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 Weapon Guidelines and Information

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PostSubject: Weapon Guidelines and Information   Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:26 pm

All of the little details you probably never wanted to know about how weapons work on FE: Exalted.

1- Once you have a weapon, it's there for good. As in, it doesn't break. Neat, right?

2- If you buy an upgraded version of your former weapon, the weaker weapon is replaced. The only exceptions are the Brave and Killer weapons.

3- In order to calculate damage dealt by weapons, add the Power of the weapon to half of your own Stregnth. The same applies with Tomes, except you use magic instead.

4- If you reclass to anything that cannot use the weapons in your inventory, you may exchange them.

5- You gain one point in Weapon Proficiency every three levels, which are represented by letters. It is your choice what weapon you spend them on if your class can wield more than one type.
         5.5- The Weapon Proficiency system works as follows:
E Proficiency = +0 Damage
D Proficiency = +2 Damage
C Proficiency = +4 Damage
B Proficiency = +6 Damage
A Proficiency = +8 Damage

Any other questions related to the weapon system can be asked here, as well.
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Weapon Guidelines and Information
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