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FE: Exalted is one of the most in-depth Fire Emblem RPs online. Complete with a unique combat system and numerous joinable factions, feel free to explore!
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 Guidelines to Character Creation

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PostSubject: Guidelines to Character Creation   Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:55 pm

Welcome! Seeing as we haven't scared you off yet, I assume that you're ready to create your character. Be sure to follow these guidelines when registering, though.

1- Your character may not be a canon character. Remember, Fire Emblem: Exalted is an Alternate Universe. No, this does not mean you can create a character that just so happens to be a Lord, have blue hair, the Falchion, and at the same time be coincidentally named Marth.
         1.5- On that note, your character may not be related to anyone else's original character unless they have given you permission.
                   1.75- On the note of the previous note, you may not be married to anyone else's orginal character unless I have given you both permission. A Support system is under development. Have patience.

2- Your character may not be related to a canon character.

3- When first applying, you may not be an advanced class. Work your way up to level 10 and buy a Master Seal like everyone else.

4- Your character may not be a Tactician or Lord unless I have specifically told you otherwise.
         4.5- Only one Manakete OR Taguel character is allowed per person.

5- Try and stay true to your charcter's class. When accepted, I will give you a list of your current stats, and give you four more freebies to configure as you please. But we politely ask that you not give your myrmidon ungodly Magic. Why would they even need that?

6- You may not randomly switch classes unless I have spcifically told you otherwise. Buy a second seal like everyone else.

7- Your character starts off with the weakest weapon that their class is able to wield, and a vulnerary with three uses. If your character's class is capable of wielding more than one type of weapon, pick one.

8- Be creative. Nothing pains me more than a character with a generic backstory and personality. Even if they had a bland childhood, try and make up for it! Give them something I've never seen before.
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Guidelines to Character Creation
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