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FE: Exalted is one of the most in-depth Fire Emblem RPs online. Complete with a unique combat system and numerous joinable factions, feel free to explore!
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 Inventory System

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PostSubject: Inventory System   Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:08 pm

Similar to the Fire Emblem games, FE: Exalted has an inventory system designed to ensure more realistic gameplay. However, it is not the same, and needs to be fully addressed.

1- Every character starts with a base inventory of 5.  
    1.5- Moderators and above start out with a base inventory of 6.

2- Unless otherwise stated, all items by default take up one inventory space.

3- If your inventory is full, you will not be able to receive new items. It is possible to swap out new items for existing ones, though...

4- While some consumable items maintain multiple uses, they are not stackable.
    4.5- On that note, neither are weapons.

5- Every 5 levels, you gain one inventory space. If you use a Second Seal and switch to a lower-level class, you will lose your bonus inventory spaces as well.

Any other questions pertaining to the inventory system can be asked here.

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Inventory System
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