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 (Shop) Consumable Items

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PostSubject: (Shop) Consumable Items   Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:53 am

Sweet Tincture (3)- A practically useless healing item that only heals 6 HP.
    Requirements: Level 1, 10 gold

Vulnerary (3)- A healing concoction that is more useful at lower levels. Heals 10 HP.
    Requirements: Level 1, 20 gold

Concoction (3)- A powerful healing agent that restores 20 HP.
    Requirements: Level 5, 50 gold


Seed of Life- Needed to allow a character not belonging to an advanced class a level-up. Consumed right away.
    Requirements: 10 gold x Character's current level.

Gilded Seed- Needed to allow a character belonging to an advanced class a level-up. Consumed right away.
    Requirements: 30 gold x Character's current level.

Second Seal- Required to switch classes. Cannot be cosumed until at least level 10, or any level at advanced class.
    Requirements: 150 gold
  Note: You cannot change to a Taguel or Manakete class unless you were one to begin with.

Master Seal- Required to promote to an advanced class. Cannot be consumed until at least level 10.
    Requirements: 250 gold

In order to purchase items, copy-and-paste the form below:
[b]Items & Quantity:[/b]
[b]Total price:[/b]
[b]Receipt:[/b] (Do not fill this part out)

(level one)
HP: 16, STR: 3, MAG: 4, SPD: 4, SKL: 5, LCK: 1, DEF: 4, RES: 4

Falchion, Fire Tome, Vulnerary (3)
Weapon Proficiency: Swords [E], Tomes [E]
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(Shop) Consumable Items
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